Tiffany’s Makes Gains

Posted by Admin | November 26th, 2009

In every drama or romantic comedy film we are eventually going to see the groom go into a Tiffany’s store, hold a Tiffany’s bag, or open a Tiffany’s box. Tiffany’s, for those who have been hiding under rocks, is one of the most well-known sellers of diamond products in the world. They are the standard by which every other diamond product company is judged.

Apparently they have made some positive gains in the last quarter. While most Wall Street firms predicted meager gains for them, they surpassed their expectations, at least this quarter. Apparently the boost came not from domestic sales, but from overseas sales.

So what does this signal? While the luxury sales industry may not be quite to the point of rebounding, there is certainly room to say that the high-end of the industry might be rebounding. The rest of the industry is soon to follow, if that is true.